The Village

☆ An amazing crew of people contributed to this project. ☆
Check out these stellar people below.



Yaima Music – enchanting songs that soothe the soul

Rara Avis at YogiTunes – magical sound medicine genius

Deya Dova & Hamilton Barnett– tribal songline songstress & musical wizard

Jami Sieber Music – soulful cello master

Rigzin – a magical songstress who creates transcendental music transmissions

Kaya Project – exquisite soundscapes for spirited movement

Desert Dwellers – stellar electronic music for yoga & dance

Martin Roth – electronic music artist 

• Tanya Gillespie – amazing sound engineer & musical playing angel of a friend


Premium Beats  •  Audioblocks  •  Footage Firm Inc  •  Kevin MacLeod

•  DL Sounds  •  Sound Bible  •  Ben Sound  •  Sound Jay  •  Free Sound

I ❤︎ ART

• Leyolah Antara, thank you from the depths of my soul for the shamanic initiations into transformational dance facilitation through Kundalini Dance. These sacred dancer awakenings provided the biggest inspiration for this project. Leyolah, my gratitude is beyond words. ❤︎

• Devon Gillott‘s brilliant photography has added priceless beauty to this offering. Devon, your work, and our play have illuminated this project in a way that is beyond words. Thank you. I love you.

• A handful of Kim Yanick‘s magical photos are also lighting up the creative landscape. Kim, you are amazing! 

• Collin Elder, thank you for the beautiful painting of Jason & I that you have shared with me to use. 
You are a masterful visual wizard with a golden heart. 

• Chantelle Zakariasen, thank you for taking the time to help me understand my message and mission more clearly through writing. Your creative passion is a gift!

• Tad Hargrave, your approach to marketing is like fresh clean water, valuable and healthy.
Thank you for your work. All of your offerings are invaluable.

• Kelly Diels, exploring marketing with your laser beam of love & justice has helped me further unveil
why I’m doing this, who I’m doing it for and how I can share it with them respectfully.

Thank you to the dear sisters who showed up to a cold and fun photo & video shoot!
Your dancing spirits shine in this offering.
Natasha Hutchinson • Crystal Sawyer • Nikki Hollett
• Alexa Linton • Sarah Wilson • Shiyana HunterJessica Dalderis-Moore •  Michelle Staples ❤︎
Other sisters who gave permission to use group shots from another shoot with Devon:
Ali Bertin • Swarn Hardy • Bianca Sirianni • Fiona Mayhill • Laura Sirmul • Lyndsay Lila
Sasha Love • Aldijana Lemo • Karin Von Gaza • Audra Stacey • Ariella Mendonca Montoril
Thank you to my loving husband, Jason Greenwood, my spirited son, Mayan Wave, and my parents, Sandra & Garry Lindell, for all of their loving support & encouragement that catapulted me into this blessed life. ❤︎

Thank you to nature & the great creative spirit that guided & guides this project every step of the way.

If you are interested in creating an eCourse or online program, Bradley & Andy are the fellows I worked with. I highly recommend their Great eCourse Adventure and appreciate their dynamic, fun, creative and brilliant approach. They’ve created loads of content to support every step of the journey. 
☆ Click this image ← to check them out. 

I had the pleasure and honour of contributing to the vision, branding, marketing & online presence of this wonderful clothing company. Inspired by Wild Nature + Modern Luxury, Ali Bertin designs & creates clothing that is comfy and gorgeous.
←Check out what she's offering.