creativity & dance

  • Reclaim your inner voice, clarity & power
  • Renew your passion for living
  • Soothe your mental health

• online  • pre-recorded •
• anywhere in the world •
• at your own pace + timing •

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an 8-week expressive dance journey into the wild mystery

Reclaim your life with therapeutic dance
& nourishing creative expression.

Your inner power is designed to be loving, fierce,
gentle, fun, funny, grounded, soaring, creative and connected.

Explore creativity as a moving meditation practice to reclaim
 your inner voice, clarity, power and sense of connection with the mystery of life.

Nurture your intuitive relationship with your body wisdom and inner beauty.

Root into the earth, blossom towards the sun and dance your heart out.

8 weeks of pre-recorded & ready for you:

1 hr dance journeys
mini-meditation videos
journaling questions
expressive arts integration prompts

soothe your overactive mind
regulate your nervous system
fill your cup
feel alive again

Do you love deep bass & beautiful, harmonious sounds? 

Explore & express the conversation between music and your body's intelligence.

In the comfort of your home, experience an online moving meditation journey
through the ancient map of the chakras with dance, breath & sound.

Conscious world and electronic music combined with gentle,
clear guidance invite you to lean into the treasures of your authentic expression.

This deep dive is potent, diverse and fueled by the creative pulse of your life.
Arrive as you are.
No experience is necessary or dance steps to follow.
Move & rest as you wish.
All sessions are pre-recorded.
Go at your own pace.

I acknowledge the chakra system traditionally derives from Tantric & Buddhist Yogic lineages.
My intention is to respect the cultures that have chosen generously to share these systems. I continue to unlearn about culturally appropriative practices and while embracing cultural sensitivity to the best of my ability. I bow in gratitude to the generous teachers and ancestors of these lineages.

Alice Bracegirdle

Chief Executive Officer, Bellyfit Enterprises Inc.


Christy has a special gift when it comes to facilitating deep transformation through movement. She's now taken all her masterful expertise in connecting people to their deep core essence and transposed it into an exceptional online experience that is as fun and inspiring as it is healing and transcendental. I highly recommend all that Christy creates to anyone ready and willing to meet their true, wild and wonderful nature.

This Journey is for you if you:

  • Love to move & are ready to unleash your inner dancer
  • Think too much & leave your body frequently in "thought travel"
  • Feel called to nourish and activate your body & soul
  • Feel ready pivot towards healthy change
  • Are available to be tender with yourself during potential resistance, vulnerability or emotional upwelling
  • Agree to reach out for support if something you are experiencing is too big to be with on your own

Please connect with me, a holistic practitioner, medical professional, or loved one if you need extra support.

Our bodies mirror and express our ancestral strengths, cultural conditioning, mental patterns, life history, emotional terrain and much more.

When engaging in the practices of intuitive movement, dance, shaking, voice work and breathwork, we naturally unlock ourselves from stagnancy and create spaciousness for healthy growth and aliveness.

Root into the Earth

Blossom toward the sun

Discover inner Treasures

Dance your Heart Out

Embrace Sacred Play

Fuel your Creative Spark

Christy’s class at the Victoria Yoga Conference several years ago allowed me
the surprising realization that I LIKE to move my body to music.

Carey Davidson

Yoga Teacher & Expressive Arts Practitioner, BC • Canada

  • Connect your active mind with your body wisdom • Bridging a clear connection between mind + body supports your thoughts to be rooted in heart wisdom + body intelligence. Pouring your thoughts & feelings into body shapes gives form and space for insight and regulation of your nervous system.
  • Process, digest and release stagnant emotions • Ground and center while offering attention to the parts of you that have been calling out for your compassionate attention.
  • Dance your friggin' heart out • Creative movement has been utilized by cultures all over the world since the beginning of time for healing, play, mating rituals, entertainment, storytelling + sacred ceremony. What would you like to dedicate your movement practice to?

Your body is a bridge 
between earth & sky

Sybille Webb

Integrative Body Psychotherapist,
Facilitator of Dance and Paint Soul Journeys

Christy’s facilitation is very grounded, clear and fun. I have done many dance and yoga workshops with her and always felt safe to go deep as she holds a strong container. She draws from a wellspring of experience and training that make every journey with her feel like a new adventure. Activating and clearing chakras through breath and dance is one of the most powerful and life changing things I have ever experienced. I am excited that Christy will share tools, wisdom and her unique selection of music with us to practice in the convenience of our homes. Can’t wait…

Nourish & Activate your Wild Genius


Sign up & Register:

Wifi or data is required to particpate. The 8 weekly emails offer a suggested pace. With access for the lifteime of this course, go through this e-course whenever you want, anywhere in the world.


Follow the links:

Everything is automated. You don't need to be anywhere at any specific time. The videos & pre-recorded mixed music with my narration will be on the site for you to engage with at your own pace.


Dance it up:

Dance with my guided voiceover or just with the music. Audio files are only available for online listening due to copyright laws. Sorry, no downloading folks! Thank you for understanding. ♥︎


Take time to Integrate:

Being in nature, & expressing creatively can enhance the benefits of your journey. Connect & engage with other dancers on the Rewilding Facebook Group if you feel called.

* This therapeutic series may be for you if you are overwhelmed
with a busy mind and big feelings that inhibit your day-to-day
effectiveness and sense of inner power. 
You long for a healthy outlet.

Join me for an exquisite dance with the healing potency
of colour, music, movement, breath and your uniquely creative nature.

alchemy | al·che·my | /ˈalkəmē/:

  • A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination
  • A power or process that transforms something
    in a mysterious or impressive way

musical  Heartists offering their grooves

RCC & Certified Somatic Transformation Practitioner

Christy Greenwood is a skilled facilitator who has the rare ability to provide both safe containment and plenty of space for personal exploration and expression. Her authentic leadership is grounded in years of study and deep personal practice. She is warm-hearted, clear-minded, and incredibly passionate about her life's work. Plus, she's a whole lot of fun!

Eight Gateways To Your Inner Nature

1. Earth

Anchor Into Your Foundational Roots

Connect to the heartbeat of the Earth and nourish your roots. Move with your relationship to your physical body, time, place and money. Explore your primal nature. Ground, centre and connect to your foundation on this physical plane. Rock on!

2. Water

Flow Into Your Sweet, Sparkling Waters

Dance into the watery flow of your hips and creative centre. Gather your threads of focus towards the sacred sensuality that gifts you enjoyment in food, loving and life. Explore the pleasure of movement, breath and sound. Water the dream seeds that lie dormant within you, waiting for the perfect moment to creatively sprout into your world. Move gently with emotions.

3. Fire

Activate & Empower Your Inner Brilliant Sun

Harness the power of the luminous jewel within. Explore boundary setting and the efficacy of your YES & NO! Immerse yourself in the dynamism of being funky & focused while cultivating healthy discernment. Get your goal setting groove on and take action for yourself. Move freely as a form of internal or external protest and stand up in solidarity with activated activists to unravel internal & external oppression. Dance into the faculty of your discernment and lean into your superpower aligned with love. Step into the fire. 

4. Air

Cradle Your Loving Heart & Gently Open Your Wings

Gather your threads of focus towards your heart. Feel what is there. Be with what is and give your loving centre the gift of compassionate presence. Dance into the forest of forgiveness and be with the many faces of your love. Feel into the tenderness that comes with embodied opening. Nurture the strength in your heartbeat by connecting to the pulse of the earth. Bath your heart in the loving light of the sun, moon and stars. Invite your fierce & gentle love out to blossom in the light of creation. Soar!︎

5. Sound

Embody and Express Your True Nature

Hear your inner voice. Bathe in deep listening. Explore the landscape of your communication and the expression of all that you are. Voice authentic sounds that move energy. Harmonize your communication channels. Nurture the bridge between your mind and heart. Dance into the fertile valley of your soul purpose. 

6. Light

Enter The Gateway To Inner Vision

Allow the inner eye to reveal what is ready to be seen. Dance to envision, to know, to dream, and understand from a place beyond words. Dance into the truths that are revealed from inner witnessing. Embark on a journey through the fields of your imagination. Discover insight and dance into your wild light.

7. Spirit

Embody Infinite Divinity

Root into the earth and let your thousand petaled lotus blossom towards the glorious sun. Dance on the mountaintop of divine love. Be bathed in the golden sparkling light of pure awareness and spirit. Effortlessly receive the light of creation into every cell of your being. Experience infinity in your body with safe grounding and necessary rooting. Shine.︎

8. Rainbow Integration

Colorful Alchemy

Dance into the rainbow bridge that is you. Move & groove into the homeward stretch of this voyage. Complete your journey.

Alexa Linton

Osteopath, Author, Teacher, Animal Intuitive, Equine Sport Therapist


Christy's incredible ability to hold space, facilitate transformation and choose the grooviest music to get down to, make her dance journeys something you just want to do over and over. I leave feeling cleansed, rejuvenated, inspired and ready to move forward in a powerful way! Can't say enough about all the goodness that Christy brings to everything she does!

Included in this Online Journey

  • 8 devotional emails to inspire your journey
  • 8+ hrs of guided, pre-mixed dance journeys
  • 8+ hrs of the same mixes with no voiceover
  • 9 meditation videos to begin each section
  • 8 sets of journaling questions & integration exercises
  • access to the course for the duration of its existence
  • access to the 'Rewilding From Within' Facebook group

**Facebook access will enable you to tune into the Rewilders group conversation and access additional community support.
It's not necessary to be in the group or have a Facebook account to go through the journey.

Heads up, friends! This is not for you if you:

  • dislike electronic music (there will be a variety of genres)
  • are not prepared to embrace uncomfortable emotions, feelings or vulnerability that can come with deep work
  • choose to not reach out for support when needed
  • do not have access to wifi, as it's not downloadable due to music copyright

About Christy

Navigating our inner & outer worlds can feel overwhelming, bewildering, confusing and sometimes unbearable. I've come out the other side of many dark nights and have gathered valuable tools for this lifetime of creative, transformative evolution.

My intention is to embody a compassionate, grounding and restorative space, with occasional humour, that points you in the direction of your
body wisdom and other accessible resources.

For as long as I can remember, I've been intuitively dancing and
expressing myself creativity as a way to live fully and take the
pressure off of being a highly-sensitive person.

I'm a devotee to the creative spark on the unceded Coast Salish territory of the Quw’utsun mustiimihw (Cowichan People) on  Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Prior to becoming a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Expressive Arts therapist, I spent two decades offering massage therapy, multiple bodywork modalities, energy work, hatha yoga and Kundalini Dance.  Currently,
my group work includes 'Rewilding Dance', 'Plants & Dance',
 'Rewild Your Creativity' and Dance Temple Cowichan.

Expressive Arts Therapy offers a beautiful evolution into a more
trauma-informed approach to guiding somatic movement.

I am dedicated to family, friends, clients, plant allies, nature, music, dance, creativity & humour.  I bow to the magnificence of intuition and the Great Mystery we live in. ☆ 

Open the Gateway


• 75% off sale •

$49 USD




Give this experience a dance...

You have 28 days to decide if it's right for you.

If it's not a perfect match, I will happily give you a refund within 28 days of your purchase.

Saera Burns

Intuitive Clairvoyant


Trusting Christy to be my guide and support with her work is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. I really appreciated the spaciousness created for what was needed to reveal itself, while also feeling the focus and encouragement to direct myself for the most effective use of this time. I can tell she has many fantastic tools to assist deeper inquiry and I look forward to the next time I can go on a quest of a lifetime with her! I would encourage anyone who is feeling like there is something within them which is buried beyond their comprehension or courage to work with this gal.

Let your imagination soar


Dance to drop in between the layers of endless doing.
Dance to shake free from the masks that hide your truth.
Dance to give presence to your body that houses this earth shaking consciousness that
unwaveringly keeps. waking. up.

Dance to receive the breath that inspires your very existence.
Dance to enter this sacred body that was a gift from the bonds of your ancestors.
Dance to protest the conditioning that has been overlaid on the human form.
Dance to shed centuries of oppression that cage the muscles in rigidity.
Dance to allow the death of what is ready to dissolve.
Dance to reclaim wholeness.

Dance to celebrate the delight of being alive.
Dance to grieve the losses that still live within the cells of your loving heart.
Dance to sweat out the well of tears previously shoved deep inside for
crying at some unknown future time.
Dance to feel the swirling nature of the universe that lives within your hips.

Dance to unleash and harmonize your wildness that gets confused
and fragmented in the modern world.
Dance to ground, centre and return to yourself.
Dance to open your wings and fly freely through the great inner sky.
Dance to integrate the learning on this journey of spirit housed in your body's heartbeat.

Dance to celebrate and honour the temple of your inner wilderness.
Dance to be with and MOVE the volcanic rage & grief of sisters and brothers,
of all of us, who have travelled through the eye of suffering's needle.

Dance to honour your ancient birthright of aliveness.
Dance to rejuvenate your authentic blueprint of uniqueness.
Dance to inhabit the space that is you.
Dance to arrive home in your body.

Dance to explore the earth and sky that cradles you in life.
Dance to explore the healing power of music and dance yourself free....
Dance to clear out the clutter, play and connect.
Dance to stand in your true nature.
Dance to take action.

Dance to open the book of mysteries in your storytelling body.
Dance to feel what's under the surface and awaken your primal nature.
Dance to rise and shine like the morning sun on the water.

Dance to cultivate courage.
Dance to love.
Dance to share & shake it up!

Dance to LET. IT. OUT.
Dance to meditatively move.
Dance to ignite the soul fire in your heart.
Dance in devotion to rewilding rhythms.
Dance on the horizon of endless change.

* I use the terms feminine & masculine in this journey. 
As our culture unpacks gender definitions, I want to acknowledge the solar/lunar qualities we all inhabit
in unique ways no matter our gender expression. I will describe the rising energy as feminine and the descending energy as masculine as defined
by many ancient cultures. I acknowledge these binaries can be limiting and welcome your unique expression of gender. 

Designed by Infinitech, Andy Freeland & Christy Greenwood